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Technical & Industrial Hygiene Consulting
Since 2003 - MD, VA, DC
30 Years experience in Residential, Government, Commercial office buildings and Construction sites, industrial Chemical Plants, Workplace OSHA monitoring.


Mold and Moisture Testing (Most requested)

Indoor Air Quality - Depending on home or workplace symptoms and possible causes, may include:

Chemical Fumes, Dust/Particulate Testing - formaldehyde,  spray foam insulation, odors, VOCs, airborne dusts/silica, asbestos or other particulates and/or chemicals.

Other Microbial Testing -
Legionella, MRSA, gram negative bacteria in office buildings, hospitals, USP 797.

Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Testing - alpha, beta, gamma radiation surveys and microwave transmission intensity assessments.

Indoor Analytics, Inc. can provide a multitude of professional services with over 30 years of industrial hygiene, indoor air quality and occupational safety and health experience.
Indoor Analytics is focused on providing industry-standard quality service and customer satisfaction - while saving you money and possible future costs
Our Past and/or Present Customers Include:
  • Residential

  • Commercial Office/Apartment/Condo Building Owners

  • Property Management

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Law Firms, Insurance Companies

  • Schools/Universities, Hospitals, Realtors
  • Homeowners,  and many others.

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